This is such sad news.
The Ravens’ entire defense had a strong game – stopping the run, flying to the ball, hitting hard, making plays – but the All-Pro cornerbacks are the heart of that defense.
Alonso has since moved on to Miami, and McCoy keeps chugging along.
They’re a good team, they’ve always been a good team, and they’re showing it.

The Ravens will look at the totality of Judon’s impact on and off the field when making the determination on his future.
And for it to be something that your peers, and coaches, and fans vote on, it says a lot.
I think it’s more because that’s what we expect out customize your own baseball jersey ourselves, week-in and week-out.

My first impression was going to camp at Fredonia and thousands of people there to watch us practice because when I was with the Buccaneers, you know, you’d get a few hundred, but it was thousands at the time.
I get it, the second-round pick has been fantastic and just set the rookie franchise record for most rushing touchdowns in a season.
We went from working out five times a week to you can’t workout at the gym because it’s shut down.

That’s all we can focus on right now; we can’t focus on anything else.

The sixth offensive lineman that you guys have used; I think you used it more often yesterday than in the past.
How satisfying, especially this early in the season when we talk a lot about conditioning and physicality, to see you guys kind of grind out — I think you had the ball for like nine something minutes in the fourth quarter and just to kind of close the game like you closed so many games last year?
So, I think when those things come up, we end up just kind of figuring out, ‘OK.
They played a very good football game.

Just in the couple of meetings we’ve had you can tell he’s really detailed.
But just looking at your Instagram story, I guess I didn’t know that customize your own jersey and QB Patrick Mahomes both grew up in Smith County, Texas and you played basketball together.
Former Bears Hall of Fame LB Mike Singletary launched his coaching career when he was hired by the Ravens as LB coach.

But Baltimore is not a typical offense.
That’s what you try to make the main thing, and I thought our guys did a great job of making that the main thing.
​What about parking?.
28, Kiper believes a call from Baltimore be forthcoming.
So he’s been teaching me that.

When you see certain players, you just watch the tape and go, ‘Wow.
He’s got a big heart, said McDermott.
Brown threw a great pass to Devin Singletary; it was fun to watch.
He arrived in the Ravens locker room with major credibility, due to his resume and his DNA.

It was said that he fired at them first, but when it was checked the gun hadn’t been fired, Wade recalled.
Flock Nation traveled out here to Cincinnati and gave us some noise for the offense out there, and we just pulled out the victory.
It was a lot of fun.
They do a great job of that.

We had a good team win.
Brown has worked with John Harbaugh since Brown began coaching with the Eagles .
Having just turned 23 last month, Jackson will only get better in every element of being a quarterback.
He knows that defense incredibly well, and I’m not in those rooms or in those meetings, but those guys definitely respect him a ton.

‘Stay Positive.
NFL Network’s Kurt Warner: The best way to deal with Lamar Jackson is to get to him quickly, and so pressuring is often the best way to get to a guy quickly.
If it has to go virtual, it has to go virtual.