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lithgow smle 303 pm with your email or phone for any in depth info. What was most inteseresting though that the rifle number and the bolt number matched I thought it was a later replacement. The receiver is marked 39 MA LITHGOW SMLE III 1941 39 below the bolt arm with the serial number marked on the right side of the breech ring. Small repair to timber near safety all metal parts original. Barrel and all metals very good condition. 5 quot 6 45 quot Indicates a quot Returned to Arsenal quot in June of 1945. Just a guess here but this could be from 1944 originally It is actually rather a shame that this is not still in its original . A genuine World War One Survivor. For the details I know of it 39 s a 1942 manufacture Lithgow SMLE No1 MkIII . Older British Lee Enfield 303 with carrying case trigger When the Australian government sold off their Enfields they were pretty popular with collectors in the US because until that time a Lithgow was a pretty rare SMLE. The Rifle Factory Ishapore at Ishapore in India produced the Mk III in .

Lee Enfield SMLE Firing Pin Removal Tool fits 1 and 4. LEE ENFIELD LITHGOW SMLE III 1944 . The stock and furniture had tooling marks and didn 39 t have a good finish. It was used until quite recently before being deactivated. Serial Number 88076 Manufacture Lithgow Manufacture Year 1943 Stock Condition Very Good Barrel Condition Good Headspace Checked OK Also available at extra cost are 303 Pattern 1907 Lithgow Bayonet HV Barrel NEW Heavy Lithg Enfield SMLE 1945 Lithgow . 303 Description Serial C11259 . The bore is in great shape action is tight. I only Jan 18 2016 1940 303 lithgow Article about this 303 has just been given to me by a good mate for my birthday.

III rifles by adding a heavy target barrel cheek piece and a World War I era Pattern 1918 telescope creating the SMLE No. 3040 quot and correct headspacing. 303 Cal Rifle Barrel Good Bore Rifling Smle 89. Want more Sounder Follow me on Twitter Like me SMLE 303 rifle anecdotes The Lee Enfield 303 rifle was the standard issue firearm for British and Commonwealth forces in the 20th Century. The Lee Enfield was a series of British bolt action rifles that served as the standard British rifle over the 20th cetury. It can be loaded from No1 2 3 or 4 Chargers with Mk 6 7 7z ammo all in . 577 calibre 39 inch barrel with rear and front Sights Ramrod Lockplate marked with Royal Cypher 39 VR 1856 Tower 39 Stock marked 39 39 Robt. SMLE 303 sling swivel base for no 3 Lithgow Enfield AO BA BSA.

303 inch bore bolt action rifle. 92 Mauser Remembered Today Sign in to follow this . November 1903 LoC 11948 Converted from MLM Mk. From what you say all the numbers are matching. 303 SMLE Mk III from 1946 that has never been fired. Bore dark but good and with a good bore gauge fit of 0. Pattern 1903 Bayonet 12 inch double edged blade Identical to Patt. 303 quot 303 Lithgow SMLE Bolt Action. 2020 LERAA 303 Prize 20 21st June.

Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum Lithgow Picture SMLE Mk 1 Short Magazine Lee Enfield Check out Tripadvisor members 39 1652 candid photos and nbsp Lee Enfield any of a series of bolt action rifles used by British and Commonwealth forces during the first half of the 20th century normally made in . Feed lips may need minor adjusting for proper feeding. This corresponds with the wrist stamping of 1914. It had an imprint of a kangaroo in off white stamped into the stock I nicknamed it my roo shooter . We think this is a factory mistake Feb 16 2011 SMLE Mark I December 1902 LoC 11715 amp September 1903 8. Serial 75746 and the bolt was engraved with the matching no. 39 14 production used the same serial numbers by the 3 manufacturers so virtually all serial numbers in P 39 14 rifles are triplicated. The magazine platform and platform spring are missing. 303 British and my UNFIRED 1944 VKT M39 SMLE 303 Rifle Service kit 12 quot Screwdriver to remove stock NOS. 308 No1 Mk3 until 1973 and the . Very Good Condition Numbered Magazine Case rifle serial number minor dings dents Very Good Condition Follower and Jul 05 2009 Re Value of a Enfield SMLE Hi Mate What you have there is an Australian made SMLE rifle. Ammo During WWI the standard round for the SMLE was the . 303 quot 532 1918 Lithgow SMLE Mark III . How can i find wood to fit the shorter bsa.

View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform. 1940 LITHGOW SMLE ENFIELD RIFLE. Receiver is stamped quot MA Lithgow SMLE III 1942 quot . and there is a few different stamps across the rifle WW2 Australian Lee Enfield No. 3 Magazine Numbered Excellent Condition. A 1940 Lithgow SMLE is a desired rifle. quot 1944 quot Date stock produced. Sep 21 2013 What are the OD dimensions of the H barrel I have read that later general production of SMLE 39 s may have benefited from this improvement. I have shot boolets through two of them. 303 British rim is thinner than the . finally LERAA Steven and I 2020 LERAA 303 LERAA presents The ANZAC 2020 April 18 19th Past Events 2019 Shoot Notices. We Carry Scope Mounts And ATI lee enfield replacement rifle stock set on sale for Enfield Rifle No1 Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Mk5 .

View Item in Catalog Lot 3114 Sale Order 270 of 659 Sold for 775. I purchased this rifle to compete in service rifle but went to Full Bore instead and never fired a shot out of it. Update for Dealer Members BSA SMLE No1 MkIII Calibre . May 16 2014 We owe JeffinNZ a debt for his sticky . An upturned ammunition Dec 25 2017 Green stripe on 1941 Lithgow SMLE From my hasty notes it was marked MA Lithgow SMLE III 1941 on the right wrist band and MA Lithgow III HV 1941 on the right side of the stock. Calibre Item 303 25 Make Lithgow Model SMLE Action Bolt repeater Serial No 9713 Condition Fair Price 200 Advertised 12 05 2020 Licence number 280538F Phone 08 8522 6200 Comment 1945 Lithgow SMLE No 1 Mk III Sporterised . The Lee Enfield was born in 1895 as a marriage between the James Paris Lee designed magazine and bolt action and Enfield pattern rifling. 2 inches and T telescopic referring to the Lithgow SMLE No1 MkIII The Lee Enfield bolt operating system differed greatly from that of most other bolt action rifles of the period. This SMLE was made in 1943 by Lithgow Small Arms Factory in Australia so it was more than likely used by Australian troops in the Pacific theater during WWII. Includes good 6x40 Japanese scope leather sling and bipod mounting stud . Lithgow No1 MkIII 303 16198 1944 SKU Check out other products from The Lee Enfield SMLE is a bolt action magazine fed repeating rifle that was the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century.

303 Bolt Action Rifle is part of the auction ABSOLUTE ONLINE AUCTION FIREARMS COINS COLLECTIBLES amp MORE. Please note No bolt Rego 711649990. This is a 1941 dated rifle that has retained 85 90 of the original matte blue finish on the barrel In 1926 the British government changed the nomenclature of its rifles designating the . 303 5 rd stripper Australian WWI LITHGOW Original P 07 SMLE Bayonet W Scabbard. 3 amp P17 Rifle British Mortar and Cannon Parts and Accessories Boys Anti Tank Rifle RB Mk1 Signal Pistols German WW2 Firearm Parts and Accessories . 303 Lee Enfield I collect many old firearms and newer firearms and build ARs too in many calibers Since I 39 m new I can 39 t post pics until I have 3 posts I think I have a . Lithgow Model configuration Model Enfield No. The rifle is a Lithgow made example dated 1917. Rifle has correct nose cap sights and lobbing sights and correct magazine.

177 Gamo Expo S Break Open Good. Factory refurbished in 1953 with a brand new barrel that looks unissued. Here is a decent old Australian Enfield dated 1945 and made at the Lithgow Arsenal. SMLE 1 MkIII 1917 SSA Standard Sporting Arms with Wilkinson bayonet have scabbard for it . III SMLE 303 British Rifle Lithgow 1944 7 818. 1942 Lithgow No1 Mk3 SMLE Hey guys this is my first post but I have a 1942 Lithgow No1 Mk3 SMLE that I believe was a Australian cadet rifle and I 39 m looking to let it go. There are 1055 posts in Lithgow Maunfactured 1920 SHT LE III Caliber 303 British. 00 Brand SMLE Available on Cal Guns Location East Bay CoCo Description. Here is the information you requested about your Firearm firearm taken from www. LITHGOW SMLE III HV 1943 and with other cartouches and matching serial number on the forend matte black action marked identically but with a date of 1942 serial number 93131. SMLE Enfield Rifle produced at Lithgow in Australia in 1940.

7424 Description On consignment we have an M. In Australia the SAF Lithgow manufactured many of these rifles from scratch. Matching Bolt receiver nose cap barrel and Butt. Drilled amp tapped for bases. 1 Mk111 sporter with Monte Carlo stock. We carry a full line from swat black gun stocks to flat dark earth stocks and more. In 1904 a shorter and lighter version of the original MLE was introduced the famous Rifle Short Magazine Lee Enfield or SMLE. Jan 29 2006 303 Lee Enfield V 7. Ideal for loading your SMLE NO. It appears to be used but not abused. Serial Numbers Normally stamped on receiver ring where barrel screws in and on R H side of barrel knox form SMLE.

New Zealand Service Enfield Lee . 303 RIFLE 1943 British Lithgow model SMLE III . 303 SHTLE Bolt Action Rifle R H S H Trade seller Advertised for 433 days until 1 02 2019 for 659 Lithgow No1 III SMLE circa 1942 303 Bolt Action Rifle. The barrel is in very good condition and should shoot well. The metal is also in good condition with aging and scratches but no rust. It is an Austrailian 1943 SMLE III has an import mark but once I got the stock off the serial number under the wood is in fact the same as all the other markings on the rifle. This gun features a walnut military stock marked M. D 39 occasion Lee Enfield No. But the bsa barrel is approx 1 1 2 shorter then the Lithgow. 1 SMLE MKIII bolt magazine sniper rifle no.

Home Lithgow No1 MkIII 303 16198 1944 Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge. Rifle Short Number 4 Mark 1 Short Magazine Lee Enfield 1941 Apr 27 2010 A few days ago I was on the Lee Enfield site and found some unique info about the Lithgow No. History and evolution of the Lithgow Short Magazine Lee Enfield SMLE The Kings Armoury Duration 39 25. View Item in Catalog Lot 429a . 303 quot Lithgow quot 1918 SHT. Standard rifle of the British military from 1907 to the1960s and still in limited use today. I ve really taken my time on this particular gun build and subsequently the review of this stock but here it is The Gun Rack official product review of Boyds Gunstocks stock upgrade for the British Lee Enfield series of rifles. The timber is very sound with one repair. 303 East Bay CoCo WC 350 NIB No ship No Trade Where do I start JJCO quot This is a parts gun quot in new unfired condition with no markings or stampings except for the JJCO stamp and there serial . WWII ENFIELD LITHGOW AUSTRALIA SMLE No. 00 05 28 2020 British Lee Enfield SMLE No 4 T 32 MKI and II Sniper Scope New Australian made SMLE Mk III sniper rifle in. Auction Location The timber is in near new condition and complete with MOA SMLE M HV 1944 stamped to the butt.

1944 Lithgow No1 MkIII 2 Left side overall. 00 A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item. This is a fine WW2 dated Lithgow SMLE overall. OPENING HOURS Monday 8am 5pm Tuesday 8am 5pm Wednesday 8am 5pm Thursday 8am 5pm Friday 8am 5pm Saturday 8am 12pm Sunday CLOSED 1942 Lithgow SMLE lll 303 British sporterized stock with recoil pad good bore has silver star in stock that may be trench art. This is a very nice gun that was sporterized and is now back to original condition. Stock Number 10515 Lithgow SMLE build. It fe New Made Item This a new made example of quality brown leather of the Classic Enfield SMLE series rifle slings in use from about 1900 until superseded by web slings in the latter part of WW2. Complete with running leather keeper loop and thonged for butt attachment this was the standard British Military issue sling for almost fifty years. 1916 Lithgow SMLE 303 rifle Product Code F939 F939 1916 Lithgow SMLE ShtLe 303 rifle marked 2MD Action amp barrel matching Nos nose cone has no number amp the bolt is mismatched Bore has good rifling but needs a clean overall a nice old rifle amp as you all know the WW1 period MD marked Lithgows are very sought after today. SERIAL 83901 DESIGN Bolt action with detachable magazine. Lithgow Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle in . Ludw The Australian Army modified 1 612 Lithgow SMLE No.

I know the crown stamp too but the broad arrow and other items seem to be missing. 303 British rim to make it similar to the taper of a . 303 British Mint C amp R GunBroker is the largest seller of Curios amp Relics Collectible Firearms All Ww1 British No. 99 EXCELLENT CONDITION This rifle is in very nice condition with a smooth finish on the wood. 3 quot MAO SMLE quot Assembled at Royal Australian Ordnance Factory Orange New South Wales on a Lithgow produced receiver. However it has 1942 stamped on the Stock near the HV. The Kings Armoury Licensed Firearms Dealer 14 553 For Sale Lithgow 303 Mk III. For example Lithgow SAF did not introduce the changes for Mk VII ammunition until November 1917. This 1941 production rifle features a matte blue finish on the action and 25. Today s rifle is the somewhat rare Lithgow SMLE No1 Mk3 HT Heavy Telescopic sniper rifle assembled at Lithgow Small Arms Factory SAF in the closing stages of WW2. com or both Sparrow Force sets for 65.

The magazine is relaced by a wood plug. Shiny mirror bright bore with very strong rifling. The barrel is squeaky clean and there 39 s no obvious pitting inside or out. Mine was produced at Lithgow Arsenal in Australia. 4 Target Rear Sight Smle 303 Central Lithgow Ww2 Ww1 Mk3 AU 400. LEE ENFIELD M A Lithgow smle 1941 bolt action 303 clip missing sporterized bolt serial number does not match. OAL 21 3 4 quot with 17 quot blade. That s a wrap Another excellent Bathurst Arms Fair. Deactivated SMLE Lee Enfield MKIII 1942 Bolt Action . According to the Australian War Memorial the 8th Light Horse was originally formed as the 6th Light Horse in September 1914 at the Broadmeadows training camp then became the 8th within the 3rd Light Horse Brigade in the following months as the . 8565 Plainfield Road Lyons Illinois 60534 Call 708 447 4848 Fax 708 447 0973 sales midwestguns.

303 SMLE production from 1913 to 1955 Sep 23 2015 Australia s Small Arms Factory at Lithgow had commenced production of SMLE rifles in 1912 but their production facilities were unable to produce the wartime quantities of rifles and bayonets required until late 1915. Instead of number F 34387 it is numbered F 34578. I want to get it appraised but I 39 m wondering if anyone might know what it could be worth. So you can imagine the interest among Enfield collectors This is a bolt action Lithgow 1941 S. It has 1941 stamped on the action and 1942 on the but. Add to Wish nbsp 23 Sep 2015 Short Magazine Lee Enfield No 1 Mk III SMLE No 1 Mk III . Get the best deals on SMLE when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.

The bolt receiver front wood all match but the nose cap bayonet lug that should match have a slightly different number. The bolt locking lugs were at the rear of the bolt rather than at the face as with rifles using the Mauser system. Contact us at 08 8362 8977 or email sales fisherfirearms. Replicated Markings Current markings H. au gt Rifles gt Military Rifles gt Lithgow SMLE Dismissed in 30 seconds Last hour bidding and purchase notice There is only 1 hour left to place your bid or to purchase this item. SMLE No 1 and No 4 Vickers Machine Gun BREN STEN Military S amp W and Webly Pistol Parts Lewis Machinegun . 303 Jungle Carbine Web Rifle I reconditioned my . Fore end has had the last 155mm grafted on to the end to make it complete fore end. SMLE 2 POCKET STRIPPER CLIP POUCHES Original heavy web pouch with snap button closures belt clips suspension strap and buckle. 62mm 2A and 2A1 rifles which were nearly identical to their . The quot GLAZ quot stamp is actually quot SLAZ quot amp stands for Slazengers in Sydney that made the timber on that rifle. 303 quot 538 1916 Lithgow SMLE Mark III . It is believed that most of these have a reciever date of 1953. 6 please Wanting SMLE ENFIELD Lithgow.

by Daniel Cotterill Friday June 12 2020. The bolt has correct bolt head but is missing the slider. 303 British simply cannot fit in a . In 1926 the nomenclature was changed from SMLE Mk III to Rifle No 1 Mk III Production of the SMLE No 1 Mk III continued at BSA until 1942 and at Lithgow and Ishapore until after WW II. 303 caliber projectile up to 2440 fps. 303 quot 451 1917 Lithgow SMLE Mark III . no cracks and bore is nice and it shoots great. Genuine Australian plastic oil bottle for the No1 Mk3 . The Lithgow SMLE Sniper Rifle In Korea Pvt. 303 SHORT MAGAZINE RIFLE W BAYONET C amp R OK For Sale at on Instagram No1 MkV trials rifle and a Lithgow No1 MkIII Lee Enfield.

2020 SSAA ACT Military Firearms Club ACT Territorial Championships 4 5th April Description Up for sale is a nice 98 overall condition British SMLE No. Dec 24 2019 Lithgow SMLE No 1 MK III 303 25 Chromed Magazine Trigger Guard and Bolt Shroud and Strap holders. com you can buy Lithgow SMLE from a trusted online source. 62 x 39 Semi Auto SKS Semi Auto 10 Shot Mag 7. 427 1915 Lithgow SMLE Mark III . Free WWII British Army Cloth Bandolier for SMLE Enfield . Every Australian Digger would have carried the old three O three during that time. It has a 4x33 quot highness quot scope. 1Mk III 1917 Australian Lithgow 2 M. Gun Lithgow SMLE MKIII in 303 British Bolt Action is available on HiBid. Serial Number C12332 Manufacture Lithgow Manufacture Year 1941 Stock Condition Very Good Barrel Condition Very Good Headspace Checked OK Also available at extra cost are 303 Pattern 1907 Lithgow Bayonet HV Barrel NEW Heavy Deactivated 1916 Enfield . I sure wish I had his article when I had my first SMLE more than 25 years ago. Mark III rifle put together Type S.

LE III I 39 m pretty sure by the markings I reconditioned it. 1 MkIII SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield Manufactured by Lithgow in Australia. 303 Barrel Length 25 quot Serial Number 48053. Lithgow SMLE No MK III 410G Conversion TAG BQ042 NFID Savage No 4 MK I 303 British TAG BS675 NFID F00017929. The bsa was sporterized and i want to return it to original image. 303 British made at the Lithgow factory in Australia in 1919. The bore is excellent and it is a fine shooter. One way to resolve the problem is to mill a taper on the underside of the. From 1914 to 1918 Enfield cranked out 2 million SMLE 39 s while BSA was making 10 000 per week. quot III quot Mark of SMLE. 1 Brass Butt Disc amp Screws Original Lee Enfield No.

3 pre1918 Lithgow SMLE for restoration. I 39 ve never fired this old girl. 303 Lee Enfield accuracy article. Of all the Enfield SMLE rifles the Australian Lithgow seems to be one of the most sought after. au and quote TAG BR752 Enfield No1 MK3 012 SMLE 303 When enquiring about this firearm PLEASE REQUEST No1MK3 012. Both hand guard marked 39 41 and barrel dated 8 39 41. Search buy and sell Rifles on GunStar today 1942 Lithgow SMLE II British 303 Infantry Rifle for auction.

303 caliber stripper clips which hold 5 rounds each. Lithgow SMLE III 303 British SECOND HAND Dated 1926 modified to sporter specs magazine cut off slot present barrel 6 10 25 inch barrel Cat B centre fire bolt action repeating rifle requires appropriate licence. com Manufacturer Trademark M. Small Bore amp Training nbsp 5 Jun 2020 This Australian Lee Enfield . 303 SMLE mk111 with kit Here s a highly original 1916 Enfield made dated SMLE Lee Enfield . Aug 17 2020 Lithgow SMLE III 303 1942 C860 No magazine. bonjour lithgow australienne no 1 mk3 1941 bayonette 1941 belle piece d 39 histoire cal 303 . 311 quot Sierra jacketed 150s and about any reasonable powder charge. Jun 05 2020 A tasteful 1917 Lithgow SMLE sporter.

SMLE MkIII Lithgow 1944 Serial No E95990 SOLD. The stock and fore end are matching wood in good condition with scratches and aging but no cracks. 4 303 Sight Protector Lee Enfield Ww1 Ww2 Army Lithgow Central Smle Rawson No. WW2 SMLE Charger with 5 43 RG . The SMLE was manufactured in Australia and India and the old faithful 4 mk1 . This rifle isn 39 t perfect but its pretty dam good for 104 years old. A more specific description of the part from my gunsmith is quot lithgow s. Jump to Latest Follow 1 12 of 12 Posts. SMLE AUSTRALIAN LEE Enfield Lithgow No. Good optics and complete with its leather protector. 00 This item Lithgow SMLE 1942 . Jul 01 2012 Great rifles I used to have a Lithgow but sold it.

00 to onsite quot Tax Shipping amp Handling and Internet Premium Apr 16 2010 1920 Lithgow SMLE No 1 Mk III amp 1944 VKT M39. FOR SALE Australian WW2 Enfield Oiler Lithgow Star Marked Genuine Australian plastic Mk 371558783368 Aug 17 2020 Lithgow SMLE III 303 1942 C860 No magazine. 303 25 10 Shot Mag 6 x 40 Tasco Scope Ref J708 Price 220 SKS 7. MG34 Parts MG42 Parts German WW2 Flare Guns MP40 Parts and Mags Items similar to a 303 Lithgow SMLE No. I have seen earlier models with a designations of sht. AUST WW2 ENFIELD SMLE 303 Rifle Oiler Lithgow Star Marked 19. It has a 26 quot barrel with an adjustable open rear sight and a post front sight. Apr 04 2018 SOLD MA Lithgow SMLE III 1942 303 BRITISH BOLT ACTION RIFLE W BAYONET USED EXCELLENT Price 799. British amp US Machine guns PAL format 12 Jul 2010 Lithgow No. SERIAL NUMBER 14180 DESIGN Sporterized Lithgow Australia Short Model Lee Enfield bolt action rifle in caliber . The Lithgow SMLE serial Number and letter prefixes are LITHGOW SMLE 303 25. 303 Rifle Oilers Lithgow quot A quot Marked.

The Mark III was an evolution of the Magazine Lee Enfield as the name suggests it was shortened by about 5in or 13cm and was introduced in 1907. Very good bore with sharp rifling. 1942 with 10 shot magazine and webbing. 00 5d 1h LITHGOW L1A1 1961 Australian Service Rifle . Calibre Make Model Action Sights Condition. Lithgow is the name of the city small coal mining town in the mountains where the rifle was made. The Lithgow Small Arms Factory finally ceased production of the SMLE Mk III in 1953. I Have a Lithgow SMLE in my collection that has stamped 1941 the metal and SLAZ 41 on the under side of the stock at the front. 303 quot 433 1911 Enfield SMLE Mark III .

4 SMLE Butt Stock Rifle Part Lithgow 1943. Matching stamps to the action detailing MA Lithgow SMLE 111 1944. Early Date Overall Good to V G Surplus Condition Special Lot Early Date C amp R Eligible Your Price 699. NO IMPORT MARKS that I can see. Sep 21 2012 Very good complimentary article on the SMLE. 263328235217 Australian WWI LITHGOW Original P 07 SMLE Bayonet W Scabbard . 27472 In standard service configuration thumb recess standard service vernier sights the stock with brass butt plate and trap sling swivels the barrel with blade foresight and bayonet attachment lug the receiver mounted with a Pattern 1918 telescope sight engraved Sight 303 was the . receiver and bayonet lug match good bore dark haven t tried cleaning Very good over all. Serial numbered 11304 lands it in the factory record of 1914 to 1915. 303 was the standard issue rifle for British Forces during WW1 WW2 KOREA. This would have affected Lithgow Australia who made No1 Mk3 s until 1955 and Ishapore India who made the 2a . Lee Metford MkI P14 Eddystone . BSA rear sight and Lyman front post.

I reload for mine but there are some problems with reloading for the . Sep 29 2015 LITHGOW WOOD You may be interested to know that Australian defence manufacturer ADI at Lithgow used Australian timber for the manufacture on the SMLE . 25 quot Serial Number 4614 OzArms. Fitted with Sight Telescopic Pattern 1918 Aust. 410 single shot by RFI Ishapore in 1949. The serial numbers a quot Cxxxxx quot which tells me it is a 1941 make. The rifle has been re barreled with a really good Lithgow Re My new old Lithgow SMLE by rsj223 Sun Sep 10 2017 2 00 pm Well after a huge clean and I think there is more to do it shot ok I just need some more time with it only shot about 10 rounds of a table bad arm shoulder . I have owned three Enfields over the last forty years. 303 British from a 10 round internal My gunsmith and I are having a d kens of a time locating a Number 4 Bolt head for my Australian made 303 British Enfield. 2017 D couvrez le tableau quot Lithgow SMLE MKIII 1941 quot de Romuald Marie Joe sur Pinterest. 2 inch barrel with a five groove 1 10 left handed twist was more than enough to get the .

Buy Lithgow SMLE 1942 Lee Enfield . Aug 02 2018 Lithgow SMLE III chambered in 303 British We offer layaway It is 25 down and 25 a month for 90 days. 1 MK III RIFLE 303 nbsp Except for several thousand Mk III rifles manufactured by Lithgow from 1939 to of the SMLE and to commence production of the new rifle but in . 95 Denix Lee enfield Smle Bolt action Rifle British Wwi Wwii Replica Prop Gun 1943 BRITISH LITHGOW SMLE III . Battle scarred 1918 BSA SMLE no. 303 British 25 barrel with a very good bright bore that has some minor freckling within the grooves. Our Assessment The Enfield SMLE III later had its designation changed to the No. Original British production SMLE No. 303 Rifle Dtd 39 45 or Jan 16 2015 I purchased a SMLE while serving in the army back in 1989 when they were selling them off.

Evidently some of them were fitted with a quot heavy quot barrel. 303 SMLE rifle built in 1914 at the Lithgow Works in Australia in the second full year of production. It 39 s a great shooter with strong rifling but I just bought a M1917 so I 39 m just looking for a reasonable price range for it. You may be interested to know that Australian defence manufacturer ADI at Lithgow used Australian timber for the manufacture on the SMLE . Later it was popular in civilian rifle WW2 Australian Lee Enfield No. Search buy and sell Rifles on GunStar today Australia and India retained and manufactured the SMLE Mk III as their standard issue rifle during the conflict and the rifle remained in Australian military service through the Korean War until it was replaced by the L1A1 SLR in the late 1950s. Right side buttstock reads quot MA Lithgow SMLE III HV 1943. What I can 39 t make out are some markings on the left of the receiver the markings on the stock and the bolt head stamp. Mk I parce que la fabrique d 39 arme SAF de Lithgow est d di e la production du SMLE Mk III . 303 Bolt Action Rifle MKIII Woodwork in good condition with original Lithgow markings stamped to nbsp 1 Jul 2018 1929 Lee Enfield 303 British Lithgow SMLE for auction. Shop tag I013 Jun 15 2017 Despite the fact that the . A superb example of a very rare rifle.

It has a very discreet import marking on the right receiver and has matching numbers With a story. Hausse lee enfield 303 N 1 MK3. Having been fitted with a new stock in May 1945. quot Does anyone have suggestions where I can find one Lithgow SMLE 303 in a very good condition with a Saxon 4 12x40 scope. Bolt amp action matching original serial numbers. Voir plus d 39 id es sur le th me Armes Arme a feu Munitions. When you did come across a Lithgow they were usually WW1 dated rifles that had been rebuilt at least once by the British. Lithgow Arms had a great weekend meeting Aussie shooters and our customers at the Bathurst Fair which was held 7 8 March 2020. Lithgow No1 MkIII 303 23732 1920 1 890 00. Australian SMLE Lithgow Rifle 303. 303 Kidd Family Auctions 1941 M.

41 shipping From Australia smle 303 rear sight heavily marked suit no1 Mk3 Lithgow SMLE No. gareth Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for SMLE 303 Rifle Service kit 12 quot Screwdriver to remove stock NOS. 303 bolt action No1 Mk III military rifle manufactured by various UK nbsp Military weapons . There are few people who are as experiences in Australian 303 rifles than Brett Anthes of Lithgow Australia. III is a British bolt action rifle. Lacks magazine as such is reflected in the price. 25 quot barrel 10 rd magazine and brass buttplate. Taking it out to test some handloads tomorrow. Scope number does not match rifle serial number but both numbers are acknowledged in Ian nbsp 6 Sep 2019 On the 8th of June 1912 the factory opened producing the Short Magazine Lee Enfield . It is also stamped quot Australia . Detachable magazine bolt action rifle with brass nbsp 11 Items At GunBroker.

410 conversions were mostly used for crowd control as riot shotguns in India. Estimate 300 400 Sounds like a No. but the bolt numbers don 39 t match rifle numbers. It was the British Army 39 s standard rifle from its official adoption in 1895 until 1957. Produced on the same specs as the British Enfield 303 Military rifle. Inside the butt compartment is a pull through for cleaning the bore and a brass oiler. Invaluable is the world 39 s largest marketplace for art antiques and collectibles. Complexity of manufacture meant that a simplified variant the SMLE Mk. It was army rebarreled in 1935 with a heavy barrel for marksman use. It retains the original features including volley sights and a magazine cutoff. The cut off slot remains as well as the regimental disk 8 over IB on the butt. 0408175308 Lot 0763 Lithgow SMLE 1942 .

Aug 24 2019 303 smle III Hey guys I 39 m looking at an Enfield 1942 lithgow on armlist guy is asking 500 for it with a indian bayonet 50 rounds of new ammo on stripper clips in a Buy WWII ENFIELD LITHGOW AUSTRALIA SMLE No. H Heavy refers to the barrel profile essentially a shortened version of the old Magazine Lee Enfield but reduced to 25. 963 45 nbsp Le Lee Enfield est un fusil r p tition verrou aliment par chargeur qui a t la principale Le Lee Enfield tire la munition britannique de . com Make Australian Enfield LITHGOW Model 1 MK3 Caliber 303 Location South Orange CountyPrice 450 Will ship Y N Yes on your dime 1918 Australian LITHGOW Enfield rifle. 00 Comments Savage Stevens No4 Mk1 Enfield 303 Bolt Action Rifle circa 1942. 303 British Date of Manufacturer 1942 Production of the Mk III also began in 1909 at the Ishapore Rifle Factory in India and in 1913 at the Lithgow Small Arms Factory in Australia. 5 quot long barrel with a 44 quot overall length. FTR d 1948 with US Property Marki lithgow . You can display prices in Au US nbsp Lee Enfield SMLE Orange factory Lithgow 1944 dated . As you can see the wood didn 39 t match too well but the metal was sound and it shot well. 92x57 Mausers 2x SKS 1x M1 Garand Lithgow SMLE MK III chambered in .

Repairing a Split Stock on a Lithgow SMLE Hotlink to original article click here Last week we were shooting some C amp R weapons. Carcano Armaguerra Model 91 41 6. Front left receiver stamped quot D quot with up arrow Condition VERY GOOD Price 1 100. I saw a picture of one of the sniper rifles being restored that had a heavy barrel. Since 1895 to the present day these rifles have seen use of battlefields and defended borders across the globe. III Sling Swivel Butt Bracket Screw WW1 Aus SMLE Lee Enfield No. Here Brett lends his eye and hand to the Lithgow Sniper HT rifle. 303 7 7 mm une cartouche grande puissance bourrelet et amor age Berdan. Total production of all Lee Enfields is estimated at over 17 million rifles making it the one of the most numerous military bolt action rifles ever produced. The Jan 21 2017 Hello a bit surprised that a New Zealander doesn 39 t know that N 39 arrow 39 Z indicates acceptance and use by NZ military forces the crossed lances surmounted by the crown is a barrel proof mark the A within the sunburst on the butt plate is an early Lithgow production proof mark the coin appears to be filling the hole where the unit stock disc made of brass would normaly be placed the lighter Enfield Factory Original SMLE NO 1 MKIII NO 4 MKI 303 cal Stripper Clips These are original . For more information contact me on my mob no 0412057897. 303 Rifle at War relics forum .

SMLE MkIII BSA 1908 Serial No 95209 SOLD. 303 1942 Original condition WW1 BSA SMLE No1 Mk3 . quot HV quot Sighted for Mk VII or Mk VIIz Ball. A token 1000 SMLE rifles were produced in 1956 presumably just to prove that it could be done. with his hood on his head has a . 303 at Lithgow for Dutch East Indies were reportedly sunk by the Japanese en route to the Dutch East Indies. Other side of receiver is nbsp 5 Mar 2020 1 Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk III. I was shooting my old Lithgow SMLE. A 1916 Australian Lee Enfield in 303 25. Lithgow Small Arms Factory located in Lithgow New South Wales Australia began manufacturing the . 303 with mag cut off lever plenty of patina as you would expect matching numbers on the barrel breach sight and woodwork but not the bolt which is the early type pinch bolt.

During the First World War the principle long arms issued to Australian Forces were nbsp Activit Chasse amp P che. All matching serial numbers and comes complete with a General peep sight and mount. 303 British Australian Lithgow Ma No Scabbard 1 For Mk3 Smle Australian Bayonet Lithgow 1907 With Australian 1 For With Scabbard Bayonet 1907 No Smle Mk3 Ma Lithgow Ww1 British Enfield N0. it would seem that whomever stamped the number inverted the 9 on the cap. 303 British low mount sniper rifle shown the fore end on a genuine Lithgow SMLE sniper fits like a well worn nbsp Features a 25. 303 CLASSIC TEST REPORT LITHGOW SMLE NO1 MK3 HT . com 1942 Lithgow SMLE III British 303 Sniper Rifle for auction. 1 SMLE MKIII bolt magazine sniper rifle. Barrel has been cut and professionally crowned to 22 1 2 quot with a near excellent bright strong bore. no bayonet will trade for the right savage 99 A . The sticker is covered in tape and torn. Enfield Martini Enfield 303 Rifle 21969 1897 690 00.

303 Cartridge has lots of history. 29 Jun 2018 303 rifles than Brett Anthes of Lithgow Australia. 62 x 39 quot D CLASS LICENCE REQUIRED quot Ref J287 Price 795 S. Includes Central sight set nbsp Enfield No1 MK3 002 SMLE 303 When enquiring about this firearm PLEASE REQUEST No1MK3 002. Short Magazine Lee Enfield Lithgow 1918 rifle serial number 4308. Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle . Photo Joshua nbsp It is a Australian Armory 303 Lee Enfield No1 Mk3 manufactured at the Lithgow factory in Australia in 1919. 303 enfield barrel 303 enfield barrels enfield mark 4 stock refinish enfield smle stock finish j jovino no 2 mk iv lithgow smle mk 3 red and black paint on buttstock smle smle metal refinishing smle mk3 smle mk3 deact rifle without woodwork smle stock finish stock dye for smle stock 1940 LITHGOW SMLE ENFIELD RIFLE Model SMLE Caliber Gauge . The box rates in about Very Good condition. Mar 28 2014 Take a look at my Lithgow 303 rifle. Detachable magazine bolt action rifle with brass butt plate. In very good condition overall. 303 quot 539 1918 Lithgow SMLE Mark III . I have seen a number of these over the years all in the same configurations sometimes they have the original BSA factory test target Enfield 1 Mk3 . This SMLE III was made by the Lithgow Arsenal in Australia back in 1941.

Wood is VG to Excellent Bore Excellent smooth Metal VG Exc. Ships to FFL ONLY For more great deals go to bereagunpawn. 1 MKIII Arsenal Lithgow Serial Caliber . Lee Enfields and its variants served Britain and the British Commonwealth for more than 60 years in front line service and much The SMLE served for an excepctional amount of time serving in Great Britain from 1907 1941 in Australia from 1913 1956 and in India from 1909 1975 who in the 1960s began production of 7. Rifle has been rebuilt from parts. Here 39 s a picture of it from a couple of years ago. Two short years later nbsp 67 items 303 calibre. 303 SMLE MK III This is a nice example of a Lithgow built 1918 SMLE Mk. 303 SMLE Charger Stripper Clips Original 10 Pack Sports amp Outdoors.

303 quot SMLE Mark III Enfield Ishapore 1926 1942 III Smooth Bore Shotgun 25 Barrel Original Scarce Gun . 1 Mark III Enfield rifle Caliber 303 British Manufactured at the Lithgow factory in Australia Excellent condition Stock has been sanded but stamps are legible Matching numbers on receive Click for more info The Lee Enfield is one of the longest serving rifles in history. 303 25 barrel fitted bore good. EY cup Mills grenade Webley Lewis Bren Thompson Jap MGs 3 inch Mortar live. My dad won it in a Raffle many years ago and left it to me. SMLE MkIII BSA 1942 Ex Italian Navy Sold. A closer look at my Lithgow built Lee Enfield No1 MkIII SMLE. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Earlier Mk I and Mk II rifles were upgraded to include several of the improvements of the Mk III yielding the SMLE Mk I in 1908 and the SMLE Mk I in 1914. 303 Rifles for sale in Essex Eastern .

Serial Number C 94214 made in Australia by MA Lithgow is a SMLE III 1942 Military Sniper Rifle in British 303 caliber. 303 was standard issue for the Royal Australian Regiment in the Korean War helping to make them at least as effective as any infantry in that miserable war. 303 Bolt Action Rifle MKIII Star. Hi all I recently purchased a 1943 Lithgow SMLE and was finally able to get it to the range yesterday. So thanks to all for the SMLE tutorial. 00 Apr 04 2018 MA Lithgow SMLE III 1942 303 BRITISH BOLT ACTION RIFLE W BAYONET USED EXCELLENT SR Price 799. Believed to be a Sportco conversion. Also has the original solid brass Apr 10 2014 Great article. In Australia the SAF Lithgow factory manufactured many of these rifles as . 303 quot 428 1908 BSA SMLE Mark III .

1916 There is a small sticker on the box that reads ENFIELD I MK III . 303 SMLE charger loading P 39 1907 bayonet 2. The rifle originally had a full length wood stock seen in another listing and this one has been stripped for lighter weight sporterized. Jul 25 2009 I have a Australian Lithgow Lee Enfield No. 303 Lee Enfield MkI T sniper rifle with scope and cheek piece. Serial Number D 62394 made in Australia by MA Lithgow is a SMLE II 1942 Military Issue Infantry Rifle in British 303 caliber. This piece is all matching and retains all Australian proofs and markings. 303 Caliber Short Magazine Lee Enfield SMLE used from World War One World War Two through 1956 and beyond in some nations is an extremely popular bolt action rifle. This piece retains most of the early features despite being FTR in May of 1953. Here he tests it on his nbsp Items 1 12 of 157 Set Descending Direction. The Rifle No1 was a quot Millie quot spelt MLE but the No1 MKIII was a SMLE pronounced Smellie but the rifle No 4 was not just to confuse you more. FFL dealer 303 Lithgow SMLE Bolt Action.

It is an excellent shooter w . The Lee Enfield rifle went through a number of numbers and marks in its development but its most iconic is the Short Magazine Lee Enfield SMLE Mk III. com The Australian Army modified 1 612 Lithgow SMLE No. 1 Mark III SMLE not a Model 1917 Enfield the 1917 nbsp 22 Jul 2019 Lithgow Smle III 1922 303 Bolt Action Rifle with bayonet Serial Number A98082 Dealer Tag F677 B Class Firearms Licence Required lithgow smle 303 243 308 SMLE Mk III No 1 MkIII SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk III tuli brittiarmeijan palvelusk ytt n vuonna 1907 uuden . The best tactical gun stocks and parts and accessories. Oct 02 2017 The SMLE s detachable 10 round box magazine held twice as many cartridges and even weighed almost a half pound less both of which aided in how rapidly a British soldier could fire. 1 Mark III bolt action rifle by Lithgow of Australia in 303 British cal. November 1903 LoC 11949 Converted from MLM Mk.

V Magazine Cut Off Screw Lithgow No. 303 inch diameter bullet that was fired by the Short Magazine Lee Enfield or SMLE. Lot 14A is a clip that came in from another consignor and will fit this rifle. Timber types nbsp Results 1 48 of 575 10 WW1 WW2 british enfield N0. FFL or C amp R SOLD Curio Relic Yes Manufacturer Australian Model SMLE Serial Number C11259 Caliber Info . Stock Number 10515 A really good example of a WW1 SMLE produced in Australia. The left side of the breech ring is marked with the Lithgow proof mark which is a crown over crossed flags and the letters 39 L 39 and 39 P 39 . Bore is clean and shiny with sharp rifling. SSA Standard Small Arms SMLE MkIII Dated 1917 Sold BSA SMLE Mark III . Mine is stamped 1608 meaning it was one of the last ever made. jpg Top to bottom CETME built on a nbsp Lithgow SMLE III 303BR 10 round magazine manufactured at Lithgow Small Arms Factory in 1944 all matching serial numbers. A redesign of the Lee Metford adopted by the British Army in 1888 the Lee Enfield superseded the earlier Martini Henry Martini Enfield and Lee Metford rifles.

Categories Enfield Nov 12 2006 What a useful thread my SMLE also has SHT LE its a1915 BSA mark III. Mon Fri 10 6pm Sat 9 6pm and Sunday 11 4pm. 00 plus p amp p Full On Full Auto 1. III rifle was finally discontinued after WW2 in England but was still made in Lithgow Australia till the 50 39 s. The rifle has the original full length wood stock with the 2000 meter open sight missing the bayonet. Includes Wilkinson bayonet dated 1907. Here he tests it on his own private range and gives us an insight into the wartime construction of this classic. Both are period SMLE accessories. Shipping at purchaser 39 s expense need postal code not city town for estimate .

SMLE MkIII BSA South African Military Contract Sold. Got an unissued 1943 manufactured Lithgow Orange Arsenal rifle an unissued 43 OA sword bayonet and an unissued rifle bag dated 1915 all for 50 to the Reciever of Public Monies . Lithgow rifles reached Australian forces in quantity in 1916. Buy online view images and see past prices for Australian Enfield Lithgow SMLE Rifle . 56mm F88 production computer controlled for the serial number engraving progression is reported to have had at least one duplicated number from Army Inspectorate records. 22 calibre training rifles as No. Cal 303 25 Price is posted to your dealer. Shipp This Lithgow was pretty encrusted with cosmoline in a few places and the wood needed some TLC so I broke the rifle down and cleaned it up. Please call to order not available online Quickview.

Part of 8th Australian Light Horse uniform. 2017 D couvrez le tableau quot Lithgow SMLE MKIII 1941 quot de Romuald The famous . 00 to c l quot Tax Shipping amp Handling and Internet Premium not included. Australian WW2 Enfield SMLE 303 Rifle Plastic Oiler Lithgow Star A Marking AUD 24. In front of the trigger guard is a nbsp 27 Jan 2020 303 SLME Short Magazine Lee Enfield or just 303 is a bolt action magazine fed rifle that served the English military and that of the nbsp 9 Th ng T m 2020 Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for SMLE 303 Sear suit Lithgow Enfield BSA etc at the best online prices at Free nbsp Amazon. Please note No bolt A pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle loading rifle 2nd model . Dec 25 2017 Green stripe on 1941 Lithgow SMLE From my hasty notes it was marked MA Lithgow SMLE III 1941 on the right wrist band and MA Lithgow III HV 1941 on the right side of the stock. Savage No 4 MK I 303 nbsp SMLE Enfield MkIII Lithgow 1920 Serial No A86730 RESERVED. Purchaser to pay for Freight and Gun transfer Because of this its quite likely you 39 ll find a No4 Rifle with a No2 sight amp a Mk3 cocking piece. 303 Rifles for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK s 1 gun marketplace. NP1629 Sep 15 2012 My safety broke on my .

Maker Australian Model SMLE Caliber . 22 Caliber Conversion Kit W Bolt 500. Md No 1 Mk III 303 British Bolt Rifle. Hausse lee enfield SMLE 303 N 1 MK3. The British made the chambers extra large to allow the chambering of dirty muddy even corroded rounds. Lithgow at the best online prices at eBay Free shipping for many products Enfield No1 MK3 007 SMLE 303 When enquiring about this firearm PLEASE REQUEST No1MK3 007. 303 Short Magazine Lee Enfield SMLE Rifle No 1 Mk III and nbsp Magnifique Lee Enfield Australien Lithgow n 1 MK3 303 Britisch Carabines de tir aux armes r glementaires TAR 6412785 Achat et vente de mat riel et nbsp Lithgow SMLE 303 Sniper P032 Overall in excellent condition. SMLE MkIII BSA SRG Marked Sold. 1 Mark III 303 British Enfield GI 101488572 SMLE No. 303 British nbsp Here is an updated picture of just the HK CETME weapons http img170.

By Guest Standtoo 29 January 2006 in 303 Lithgow SMLE MK III Bolt Open Good. 303 converted Carcano M91 long rifles in a rack 6 of noticed at the Lithgow SAF Museum along with Italian M94 carbine w folding bayonet re chambered and re bored for . 303 and would like to know what ut is Says MA Lithgow smle 111 1941 Only number in it i found on it more then once was 56448 Can anyone help me see what it is no. quot Green stripe painted around buttstock behind wrist. quot SMLE quot which is short for the common quot Short Magazine Lee Enfield quot variant. Here Brett lends his eye and hand to his Lithgow SMLE No1 Mk3 HT rifle. Built as a Service Rifle B Target Rifle These were built by BSA between the Wars. LITHGOW SMLE MK III ENFIELD RIFLE SLAZ stamp to wood stock. 303 snap caps original nickel projectiles NICE.

303 caliber Mk VII which fired a 174 grain full metal jacketed spire point at 2440 feet per second. FOR SALE A full stock set manufactured by Lithgow for the No. 303 British Barrel Length 25 quot Serial Number D39404 The information you provided was used to properly identify the information below. Aircraft carriers trucks amp motorcycles medals. 303 Serial No 95209 Date 1908 Service Rifle B Configuration Price 900. Lire les avis nbsp Fusil SMLE LEE ENFIELD N 1 MK III BSA fabriqu a 10000 exp pour le royaume de SIAM tete de tigre sur le boitier calibre 303 british tr s bon canon avec de nbsp 4 Apr 2017 Short Magazine Lee Enfield SMLE No. Description 303 British Lithgow S. 1 Mk III heavy barrel Club Rifle SMLE. 303 rifle Model Smle III 1942 Serial number 35176. Matching barrel action and bolt. 303 British Cleaning Giving me old 303 some lovin.

The Lee Enfield MkIII known as the 39 three O three 39 was the first weapon produced at the Lithgow Small Arms Factory. 1 MK III RIFLE 303 BRITISH 1943 C amp R GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns amp Firearms All From 1914 to 1918 Enfield cranked out 2 million SMLE 39 s while BSA was making 10 000 per week. This is a discussion on 1920 Lithgow SMLE No 1 Mk III amp 1944 VKT M39 within the Gallery forums part of the Sniping Related category G 39 day all Heres my two latest baby 39 s my long awaited 1920 Lithgow SMLE No 1 MK III . The Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk III or simply the SMLE Mk. As you can see by the last photo the nose cap number is matching except the last number is a quot 6 quot instead of a quot 9 quot . 76589 Calibre Item 303 Make Lithgow Model SMLE Action Bolt Condition Fair Price 250 Advertised 2 08 2020 Comment Lithgow 303 action 1922 matching bolt maple butt stock. Calibre Make Very good to excellent example of a Lithgow MK3 rifle dated 1924. 00 TAKEN DEPOSIT Caliber 303 25 Condition VERY GOOD State Victoria More Details IN SEASON HUNTING amp FISHING. Still I had better eyes back then and perhaps lower expectations.

This British No 1 MKIII bolt action rifle has been expertly and perhaps factory converted to sporting configuration while retaining the original service rifle caliber 303 British. Serial Number C93027 Manufacture Lithgow nbsp Centerfire Bolt Action A Cat 303 BRITISH 30 cal This secondhand firearm is located in Gun City Christchurch 484 Cranford Street Papanui for 303 British in nbsp Cartouchi re pour lames chargeurs 303 Lee Enfield GB WW2 anglais. It s numbers matching and is not import marked apparently an early import or possibly a WWII bring back. 7424 Anyone who follows The Gun Rack on Instagram or Facebook has seen sneak peeks of a very green 303 over the past few months. 00 2d 6h 12m Lithgow SMLE No 1 Mk III . Trade seller Advertised for 257 days until 17 03 2019 for 499 nbsp 6 Jul 2020 7 6 20 This is an original Lithgow Enfield S. Shooting from a bench and sandbag I was able to get four 5 shot groups of roughly 7 8 inches which I 39 m pretty happy with at this early stage. lithgow smle 303

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