What is the biggest cam for stock 350 vortec

what is the biggest cam for stock 350 vortec It is considered an RV cam, taking advantage of lower rpms for higher torque down low for my 383 stroker. It works just fine in the stock vehicles for which it was designed, but its thin cylinder sleeves and tiny bore diameter make it a poor choice as a The stock TBI motors suffered from horrible heads, tiny cams and restrictive intakes. Places like  20 Apr 2007 I am building a vortec 350 to swap into my truck, all I need now is the cam and then the motor can be put together. Valve Spring Kit for SB Chevy Vortec Fits: High Performance Hydraulic Flat Tappet & small hyd roller cams . 489 lift be too much on stock vortec valves? im not really old 350 i got from a guy and this is the first time im going to be able to  22 May 2011 Just want everyones opinion on a good cam for my 350. A quick swap to the single-plane Vortec intake gave us our best numbers, peaking horsepower at 432 (at 6,100 rpm) and grunting 412 lb-ft (at 4,700 rpm). The Oct 12, 2017 · Hey folks, I wanted to get some opinions on the best bolt on's to wake up a stock 2 bolt 350. The biggest change GM made in the new design was revising the water jacket so the new Vortec heads could be used on conventionally cooled small blocks. 5 rockers which is pretty close the same specs as the LT1 cam, but the LT4 is a little more aggressive on the exhaust lobes to help complement the excellent flowing intake side of the vortec heads. The idea of using the 1996 LT1 cast iron head as a starting point for a new performance stock head came from the fact that it was the highest flowing LT head used by GM. So if's idling in traffic, the 350, even with the supercharger, should be more efficient than the big block. It comes complete with all components from top to bottom, so you just need to provide your fuel system to run this engine. TECH SPECS Part Number: 19210007 Aug 15, 2011 · Re: max lift cam on stock vortec heads « Reply #13 on: August 24, 2011, 12:39:07 PM » listen to bad rat he does heads for a living among other things. The current heads, you will over cam them with lift based on the fact that they flow less air at 550 lift than they do at 520. This engine was designed as a direct replacement for 1996-2000 Chevy & GMC pickups, SUV's, and van applications. Brian Nov 15, 2010 · The camshaft bolt lock plate is a must have item to ensure that the bolts holding the timing chain sprocket to the camshaft don’t vibrate loose under the high frequency vibrations caused by the valvetrain harmonics. the car is (3200 lbs chevelle, 2500 stall and th350) I would be getting a Assault Racing Products A7488 Small Block Chevy Reusable Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets SBC 305 350 5. I know that the vortec heads  25 Mar 2019 100 more horsepower from your GM 350 crate engine? This is the Speed Secrets episode for you! Featuring the Comp Cams XM270H ca 350 vortec whats a good cam for it at a good price. 489 lift be too much on stock vortec valves? im not really wanting a big power monster V8,im just wanting to get enough torque for my truck and its my daily driver. Without an increase in compression and a larger hydraulic roller camshaft, porting them will not show any increase in performance. 13 Jun 2011 You have a larger problem in the computer, the cam cannot take much change without putting a pre/post processor on the computer if this is a 96  23 Oct 2019 If you are looking for the best camshaft for your 350 Chevy vehicles, to 5,800 RPMs to give you the largest range of top-notch performance. Your choice of the Darts with a 72 cc chamber will get you about 10 Springs for a roller cam tend to have higher spring rates to keep the roller lifter on the lobe, as most roller cams run a much more aggressive profile than a standard flat tappet cam, use of the higher pressures on a flat tappet cam will result in premature wear and flattening of the cam lobes. They have 20% more exhaust flow than a cast iron Vortec head, great performance up to 6000 rpm and can produce 9. In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community I have some of the stock cam specs for my 1998 L31 (350), these come 4) Stock GM Vortec '906 cylinder heads with Comp Cams 1. com 06-24-07 05:51 AM - Post# 1192904 I'm getting ready to assemble an engine and use a set of Vortec heads for a footbrake bracket car. valves Intake: Edelbrock Performer RPM Vortec Camshaft: Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 268 hydraulic, with 0. Vortecs make more power, but there are problems that come up with the injection unit and stupid intakes leaking. 95 Oct 01, 2012 · GO too big and all you accomplish is that the engine will make less power but drink much more gas. Check out how we push a junkyard 351 Windsor past 1,000 hp and to the brink of destruction by adding heads, a cam, and intake to a stock 351W short-block. 420 lift; a) damage is being done (or has already been done) to the head, b) the measurement was done incorrectly (actually . Jun 13, 2011 · For a stock set I would recomend getting a spring, lock, retainer combination that will allow you about . Buy the recommended springs to match the cam; don't risk valve float by using the stock Vortec springs. The charts below show the difference between stock flow numbers as well as the flow after our modifications are made. 480" stroke as the ubiquitous 350 V8, this V6 was able to use the same pistons, main and cam bearings, valve components, etc. im currently rebuilding an old 350 i got from a guy and this is the first time im going to be able to keep and enjoy an engine that i rebuilt. It was a nice upgrade over the stock cam, allowing revs a little higher with little to no loss of low end. 7L 2 bolt main block block crankshaft connecting rods camshaft lifters timing chain oil pump oil pan water pump pullys May 26, 2019 · Engine is a stock L31 Vortec 350, except long tube headers. About 650 CFM is appropriate for a stock or mildly modified 350 that will not see any more than about 6200 RPM. the biggest thing i think you will run into with stock  26 Sep 2007 I would say the biggest cam I've used is the xe262 computer cam a stock . It's not even as hot as the commonly used Chevy 350hp/350 cam that specs at 450"/460" lift 222/222 duration @ . I have run these engines with better cams and stock valve springs up to 5000 rpms with no issues but its not going to be recommended. whaT do you guys think would be best Jan 18, 2008 · I own a 00 Chevy K3500 single cab with the vortec 7. Oct 22, 2009 · Most 1987 and later blocks can be retrofitted with oem roller cams (go to the junk yard and find a lt1, vortec, 305 or 350 with a roller cam and use the valve train. 4L/454 is essentially a 1970 LS-6, with steel crank, 7/16 bolt rods, four-bolt block, forged pistons, and square port heads. Stupid part, with the Vortec heads an intake and 750 edelbrock carb, will I have a pretty fair engine? I think the Vortec heads, XE262 hydraulic cam, Performer intake would be a good little 350 combo. Aug 23, 2013 · COMP Cams has over 18,000 unique lift profiles that they have developed over the years. Long and short I ended up with a 1998 model vortec motor instead and before doing any research regarding valve Hydralic Flat tappet Cam Advertised Duration is 280 Duration @. The forged internals are a nice start, but if you stay with the flat-tops the high-compression might lead to other issues and require expensive high-octane gas. The Vortec 5700 produces 255 hp (190 kW) to 350 hp (261 kW) at 4,600 RpM and 330 lb⋅ft (447 N⋅m) to 350 lb⋅ft (475 N⋅m) of torque at 2,800 RpM. like the comp  Standard Small Block Chevy -uses “12” Prefix This is the basic engine configuration found on all small blocks from 1955 until 1987, when Chevrolet introduced  HYDRAULIC ROLLER: High performance application, largest with stock Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Computer Controlled '87-'98 305-350 Chevy 8 cyl. 7" rods & pistons from the 327 (or of that compression hight), so what you end up with "de-stroking" a 350 (using the stock configuration) is a 327. I want to change the cam before I put the engine in the car and was wondering xe268 in my Impala, runs strong, sounds sweet, but it has beefed up vortec 4 Jun 2014 Hello I have a 72 stock 350 with a 600cfm 4bbl, poston s-divider intake, A stock or even ported head sbb 350 likes a split pattern cam with more Dur. Is there a drive gear on the camshaft for a distributor? Selling a set of vortec heads fresh from the machine shop, 062 casting number, valve guides machined to accept . the roller cam you have listed will work just fine with the stock vortec springs, I do believe the The L31 heads from the late-model 350 Vortec engine, introduced early in 1995, is the other type of cylinder head you need to look for on the used market. RPM E-Tec cylinder head is dual-drilled and will accept 1987-95 center bolt and/or 1986 & prior perimeter flange mount valve covers and most stock exhaust manifolds. The 5 Best Cam for Stock 454: Top-rated Cam for Stock 454 List: REVIEWS YOU CAN TRUST ; Best Cam for Stock 454 Reviews: 1. Features If your looking for a major boost in power, say closer to 375 hp, then the only way around is to modify the heads for more lift, or buy another set of vortec heads from SDPC already setup for . 487 Intake They are machined in a retarded position and are not recommended for this camshaft installation. Comp tech says the lift specs listed are WITH 1:6 RR unlike most published specs using 1:5 RR for other cams. 250 standard, Comp 982 springs and retainers installed, Comp 1418-16 magnum steel roller tip rockers with a 1. The details on how to increase the retainer-to-seal clearance can be found in the article and comments here: [READ: Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Blueprint for a Budget Small Block Chevy Build] Our original answer combined the Chevrolet Hot cam with a set of these Vortec heads. Jul 31, 2017 · I have a carb on a 305 ho vortec engine in one of my cars that runs ok, but for the most part, it's not a good idea. Sep 20, 2018 · What is the best cam for a stock 350 chevy? Best I can come up with is the stock 350 cam. also my first chev small May 05, 2003 · Comp Cams recommends that its PN 986 double valvespring be used with its XE 282HR camshaft. We take the Vortec big-block from this 1996 Chevy truck dually to Superior Automotive to have the heads flowed and ported and more, only on sporttruck. Then there is another guy that ran the stock intake/fueling with home ported Vortec heads, GM LT4 hotcam 218/228º that dynode at 305 rwhp on the 350, then put all the parts on a 383 and dyno'ed at 330rwhp/381rwtq. I was thinking of throwing on some aluminum heads with a smaller chamber bump the comp and matching a cam. Manifold by Edelbrock, or Second Generation Vortec intake and adapter, depending upon your horsepower. The cams in stock Vortec engines are quite mild and don't need much pressure, but on the assumption that you're putting these heads on for increased power, you'll have a non-stock cam in your engine. We take one of ATK's Stock Replacement Remanufactured Vortec 350CI Engines and dress it out to be retrofitted for a Muscle car swap. 420 or less) or most Oct 29, 2014 · 350 and 305 Chevy what's The Difference - Duration: Vortec Head Swap Full Episode Long Island Chevelles TV 2006 - Duration: 350 with Comp Cams Magnum 270H 112 LSA and 4/7 swap Best cam with stock unmodified Vortec Heads? I have a 1977 olds omega with chevy 350 V8 smog motor. From mild to wild, Speedway Motors has a Chevy 350 Crate Engine for you! Save now with $175 flat rate shipping on all Chevy 350 Crate Engines. 26 Dec 2010 C3 Tech/Performance - Best cam with stock unmodified Vortec Heads? - I don't have corvette but I do have olds with Chevy 350 V8 and could  1 Aug 2008 Comp Cams offers hundreds of potential cams for specific engine families. Vortec 350 LT4 Hot Cam Test Run on Homemade Engine Stand by BowtieGuy601 2 years ago 10 minutes, 41 seconds 67,152 views This is the , 350 , I have put together for my orange s10 that's in some of my other videos it is a stock 165k mile , motor , with a cam Introducing our new Econo 350CI Engine. See below for more details! Has EGR hook up for emission, Recommend modified chip (note: not legal in some states) COMPUTER controlled Hydraulic CAM gm chevy 350 vortec #906 062 cylinder head. Just because you have the cam in your hands doesn't mean you should use it, that is if you're truly serious about achieving 1. 52 Pro  Chevy Small Block V8, Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft Type, 2000-5800 RPM Will this cam work ok with a stock Goodwrench 350 (edelbrock EPS/Holley 670)  4 Mar 2007 I have a stock 1990 blazer 350 TBI I have headers a throttle body spacer and I would That is the biggest cam I would use on a stock engine. 6 ratio Asking $1200 obo Set of Comp cams 853-16 high energy hydraulic The Vortec 8100 (RPO L18) is a V8 truck engine. Summit Racing Part Number SUM-1105 : Cam Style: Hydraulic flat tappet: Basic Operating RPM Range: 2,400-6,000: Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift: 224 depends on the pistons . Dec 12, 2014 · The boat has a small block 350 and I am hoping to get between 300-350hp out of it to run with a B/C impeller. This engine features new components, brand new complete long block engine backed by a limited 3-year, 100,000 mile GM warranty when installed into an approved GM application. Because our engine is equipped with Vortec heads, COMP specifically ground a cam with the airflow available from our head and even asked questions about typical track size and fuel system used. It is a very stock 350, casting numbers 10054727, '87-'95, center bolt valve covers, I went ahead and got some vortec heads and had them cleaned up,valve job and all but I have flattop pistons in my 350 with a 480lift Lunati cam,Edelbrock RPM intake and Holley 650 carb. But honestly, the stock fuel system won't take much White 350 wrote:You pretty much DON'T have any limitations on lift with a Gen III engine besides piston to valve clearance of course. I had the stock engine, I replaced it with the 350/290 crate engine, which sucked The HydraMatic 350 transmission was prevalent in nearly all GM, rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks through 1984. 450 lift cam - LT1stock cam works good - but no fuel pump lobe - i built a cheap rebuilder s/b with stock LT1 cam and stock vortec heads in my sons 72 chevelle- another sleeper used 350 chevy vortec short block Fits stock 1996-2002 Chevy and GMC Small Block 350 5. Holley 0-7448 is not a 4 barrel carburetor like Edelbrock but it has many features that make it a valuable carburetor. Might even hurt power a tad, as the runners are already generous for the CID and camshaft used in those engines. 7 Vortec 350 engine with name brand parts, designed to be a plug-in-and-play to work with factory ECU, injectors, and fuel pressure with no modifications! Fits 1996-2002 full size GM and Chevy trucks and SUV’s with the “R” code engine. What cam has given the best results with these heads on a flat top piston 355 that will be shifted at 6k RPM? A customer is requesting me to build a mild, 350 SBC for street cruising and car shows. As for converters, the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Summit Racing Pro LS Truck cams will work with a stock converter. So, perhaps in an attempt to get more low-end torque for Horsepower: 330 hp @ 5,000 rpm Torque: 380 ft/lbs @ 3500 rpm Compression Ratio: 9. The 1966 and later Vortec blocks do not have a water bypass in the block and this hose takes care of that issue. 550 lift for about $700 or go all out and get a set of alum Fast Burn heads for $1200, then a complete hot cam kit, and you have over 400 hp. Ive seen guys using the LT4 (i think) hot cam, and the RV cam with decent results and not too expensive. Comp Cams does make a cam for this motor but you also need to buy the installation kit (an additional $1000+) or it is worthless to you. The guy I got it from started a project and abandoned it so I got the complete long block for a great price. EDIT* Title is wrong, should read 533/517 lift Cam Part Number 12-602-8 Ok, so I bought a big mutha thumpr roller retro fit cam as I was originally planning on building an old 350. Any guys out there with Vortec experience? 8245 Nothing compares to a Factory Original new GM Crate Engine when it is time to replace the worn out 350ci Vortec engine in your 1996 thru 2000 Chevrolet or GMC pick-up and SUV's. To do so, it was necessary to balance the motor externally and the flywheel was no longer interchangeable with the earlier V6's and most SBC V8's. 1L was introduced in 2001 and used in various heavy duty applications, including Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500HD pickups, through the 2006 model year. 7) CHEVY ROLLER CAMSHAFT This (NOS) new roller camshaft is out of the vortec engine made for marine applications. 0 lift, but these are solid lifter cams and will cause the engine to shake, and the whole car to shake and would not pass any smog test. Is it ok to drive "a bit" as it is right now? My dyno tune guy won't be back in town til the end of the month. The L31 Vortec 350 that was installed in all GM half ton trucks (Pick-ups, Tahoes, Suburbans, Vans) put out 255 hp and 330 lb-ft. Melling high performance camshafts are developed, engineered, tested and manufactured with the highest standards of quality  Engine Pro stage 3 camshaft & lifter kit for Small Block Chevy engines equipped BIGGEST CAM FOR USE W/ STOCK CONVERTER RPM Range 2000-5500 H. Vortec heads are really a good design from the factory but they don't flow as much air as they could for decent power. My question is this… can i cheat the cam one way or the other so that distributer gear and cam properly mesh in line with the tab? This ATK Chevy 350CI Vortec Engine makes use of the latest EFI for better driving experience and improved fuel economy. After all these years, they're still popular with the high performance hydraulic cam street crowd. I just picked up a clean used set of Vortec 906 heads (assembled w/valve springs, self aligning rocker arms) with a Edelbrock Vortec RPM intake and am looking for some suggestions. 7) Stock Vortec EFI Manifold & Injector Setup Drag race 350s can have cams with 260 or more degrees of duration (measured at . 6 and i was wondering what is a good choice for a cam (F/T)? pretty new to engine building so any suggestions would be The stock valvesprings are weak. I want to change the cam before I put the engine in the car and was wondering how much lift and duration I could get away with with the stock heads/springs. Location: syracuse ny; Price: $100; Read more Vortec Chevy Short block Sponsored Link Jun 09, 2012 · The gauge needle should be steady, and w/a stock-type cam the vacuum should be 17 in/Hg- plus. Here's why, the ecm is constantly making air fuel and timing adjustments and the cam is designed to operate in those peramiters. Because of the Chevy big-block’s architecture, the valve lift needed for anything other than a valvetrain with a long-duration big-journal race cam plus big-diameter lifters cannot be achieved. You will be alot happier with the smaller cam From mild to wild, Speedway Motors has a Chevy 350 Crate Engine for you! Save now with $175 flat rate shipping on all Chevy 350 Crate Engines. But if your gonna have it apart, the aftermarket rubber impregnated soft aluminum intake gaskets are much better. RPM E-Tec head is dual-drilled and will accept 1987-95 center bolt and/or 1986 & prior perimeter flange mount valve covers and most stock exhaust manifolds. Most stock 350's nowadays have reliefs in the pistons and a lot have dish pistons with a lot of area concave in them. and it is a 350 motor, with vortec heads so i'm wondering, will port and valves all to TOO BIG for the little cam, which i think is an RV cam, name brand is engle. I've been reading until my eye's are crossed about all the different cam suggestions for different motors. I am new to chevy internal engine parts and i have some This camshaft is a great upgrade for 1996-2000 Chevy/GMC trucks equipped with the L31 Vortec 350 Engine. These camshafts have a unique design that runs like a higher lift camshaft, but meets stock lift rules and vacuum requirements. I think, or guesstimate as it's been many moons since I last rebuilt the 350 in my fj40, that I was running 10. The good old GM 305 engine, dismissed by most to be an underperforming, lack luster, small block engine not worthy of any kind of recognition. It comes with the fuel pump lobe so that it can be used for the fuel injected or carburated applications. Everything Jun 01, 2004 · Check out these First Generation 1996-1998 GM Vortec fuel-injected 350 Engine Power Upgrades, including exhaust, throttle body, and more, at Sport Truck Magazine. What block ?? If its a once rear seal block The are some GM Hot cams I have used before  26 Dec 2010 I have a 1977 olds omega with chevy 350 V8 smog motor. Chevrolets entry level performance crate engines come in the form of these 350 cubic inch HO motors with approximately 9. I pulled that out and installed a 350 with all the vortec components along with a better camshaft and shorty headers. 7L 2 bolt main block block crankshaft connecting rods camshaft lifters timing chain oil pump oil pan water pump pullys for sale $ 100. This removes a lot of the complications of fueling being controlled by the ECU as it's now controlled by my LPG system. Like I say I need re schooled!! I just bought a vortec 350 engine block w/ mechanical fuel pump provision. For example, we have seen as much as 15-20 cfm difference in stock heads that have the same part numbers. I already added a edelbrock performer rpm intake w/ a 600 cfm carb, dual exhaust, 700r4 tranny w/ a shift kit and 2400 stall. Aug 01, 2008 · Xtreme Energy XE268H-10As run with Vortec heads, the XE268 cam made more than 400 lb-ft from 3,600 to 4,600 rpm and more than 350 hp from 4,600 to 6,200 rpm. 5:1 compression but from what I have read so far on the web, these smog engines actually have anywhere from 7. chevrolet 1500 pickup 96-99 chevrolet 2500 pickup 96-99 chevrolet van 96 -2002 escalade 99-00 gmc 1500 pickup 96-99 gmc 2500 pickup 96-99 gmc van 96 2002 suburban 1500 96-99 tahoe 96 2000 yukon 1996-2000 Aug 23, 2020 · FALCON MARINE ENGINE KITS. If they rated like other GM Performance crate engines it would be more like 310-320HP with the stock cam (keeps your warranty good!). Identification In other words, a camshaft is a shaft attached to the overhead cams which controls the opening and closing of the cylinder valves. The LS based small-block engine is the primary V8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. This marine motor has been professionally remanufactured to meet or exceed GM OEM marine engine stock specifications. with stock style dish and decent heads your around 240-250hp with flat top pistons your around 275hp if you have vortec heads you can be well over 330hp-400hp I think you'd be OK with that cam. 1 is the right "stock" number to put back in the IFR table for a stock L31 (350 Vortec) 96 K1500? I haven't changed the IFR table from 19 to 23 yet,. May 23, 2008 · I have a 1996 marine 350 block # 14093638, it has a roller rumpy cam, numbers forth coming, roller hyd lifters, deep dish pistons, standard factory heads, Very clean block. I got 1997 k1500 in have 350 vortec machine the block 30 over on the piston and I have headers what cam should I put 1997 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Silverado 4WD Car Customization Introducing our new Econo 350CI Engine. 8100 Destruction pictures are here! I have ordered a camshaft to replace the stock piece in the 8100. Mar 29, 2008 · Hi everyone, I have a 78 chevy c/10 w/ a 250 hp crate motor( 350 v8) stock 76cc cast, 8. Part number 12681432 is the Light Duty replacement engine direct from GM Powertrain and fits most 1/2-Ton Silverado's, Sierra's, Tahoe's, and Yukon's. Sep 27, 2017 · This is great for stock short block 350 engines like the Chevrolet Performance 290 hp 350 crate engine that uses a dished piston with a 76cc combustion chamber head. This engine has 2 hours ago · It's a cast iron construction that requires Vortec-specific intake manifolds. 60 Stainless Steel ONE piece Exhaust valves The Vortec HD version 350 uses a 4-Bolt main block, upgraded exhaust valves and cylinder heads for heavy duty applications. Maximum horsepower will occur at the point where torque falls off so precipitously as for increasing RPM to still show a drop. Does anyone know what the stock L&D numbers are for that engine?? : cool: Your biggest gains are going to be in timing curves and carb tuning. i am about to change the cam stock cam is 414 / 429 i was looking at the ram jet 350 cam it is 431 / 451 lsa 109 i can get my hands on an lt1 cam also . The rockers barely move when turn A cast-iron block with four-bolt main caps is the foundation for the 350 HO, which is topped with iron Vortec heads fitted with 1. It works just fine in the stock vehicles for which it was designed, but its thin cylinder sleeves and tiny bore diameter make it a poor choice as a Feb 26, 2011 · I dont know much about the thumpr series cams. The cam should work with the rest of the motor, including the intake, exhaust, ignition, compression, and if it's an automatic, the converter. having them ported and cut the valve spring pocket for a bigger lift cam will help in that department. I don't have much specific swap details on this page, but wiring info is similar on this engine as the 4. If you need, say 50 hp to push your truck down the road at 65mph, you will burn approximately the same fuel whether its a V6 or 502. dont be fooled this is not an aggressive cam by any means but it will make a stock engine more torquey. 94" The GMPP Fastburn heads have a 210cc intake runner volume and are used on the limitd production ZZ430hp/350cib crate engine and the 425hp ZZ383 crate engines. Once wound up, the dual-plane equipped 350 netted 418 hp (at 5,900 rpm) and 406 lb-ft (at 4,300 rpm). 6 rockers (no spring changes or other head mods), cam hotter than stock but not as hot as the Hot Cam, and it's rated at 351HP. It is a redesigned Chevrolet Big-Block engine and was introduced with the 2001 full-size pickup trucks. With the vortec heads and other L31 engine parts, I believe this is good for 290 - 300 HP depending on intake and carb. ) Roller lifters with a good cam, Vortec heads, an Edelbrock intake with a big-block throttle body bolted to it cures all of that and can almost double the stock TBI's 8. Jul 11, 2006 · COMP makes this series for the modern FI motor which perform better than 502, 503 "carb" cams in our LT 1's. 3L Vortec built today is certainly significantly different from the original Vortec first offered in the mid-1980s. If I were to purchase a set of Vortec heads, what else would I need to take advantage of them? I've done some research and believe I'd need a new intake. , they support about 380 hp (to the wheels) which may be enough depending on how big you go with the cam. Nov 03, 2016 · I got a set of 906 vortec heads with beehive springs, screw in studs not sure if they have the 3 angle valve job the guy said they did I wanted to know if I can run a xe274h cam with a . 52 Pro Magnum roller rockers (required taller valve covers and modification to the A/C compressor mounting bracket) 5) Banks PowerPack (Headers, SS exhaust, K&N Air filter) 6) MSD 6A Ignition w/MSD Coil. A better solution is the new Vortec iron factory cylnder head first used on the '96 Vortec L31 Chevrolet pickup engines. 350 Cam Swap Update: Running and Driving 300K MILE STOCK VORTEC AND 100 SHOT OF NITROUS GOES 8 And that is what I was going for with the 283. LT1 Cam in L31 (Vortec 350) Instead of dealing with the old engine, I went and pulled another L31 out of a surburban with only 119k miles on it. Aug 03, 2009 · Typically a good street mod for the 350 is going with an RV cam, slightly higher lift and longer duration than stock. The Comp "X" cams have pretty aggressive lobes for a flat tappet anyway, so it will be much better than stock either way. Changing the cam while leaving the rest of the system stock may give you a lumpy idle but overall your perfo I recently rebuilt a 350 TBI engine and used a 398/420 cam. 450 lift or less and a 4x4 cam simply based off what a stock vortec head lift can handle unless I end up getting a modified vartec style head. In addition to  I just bought a rebuilt stock 350 and would like to have the cam changed to one I was told by comp that 206/218 430/440 112* is pretty much the largest you  Cylinder heads, intake manifold, fuel system? As a blanket answer, almost any camshaft listed as stock replacement for the year and vehicle will suffice. The GM cam is used in both the high torque 383 engine and also the Ramjet 350, and is very similar to my stock impala cam. 89: The E-Force Series 1 Manifold is a direct replacement manifold for the stock manifold on Chevy big block engines with general duty oval port heads. Now I want to tune it in and I keep hearing the best way to go is to just upgrade my ecm with a 0411 2002 van ecm. This is probably the best cylinder head casting that Chevrolet has ever produced for a production small block Chevy. You can also check for a vacuum leak w/o taking a vacuum reading, look for leaks "through intake manifold gaskets, manifold-to-carburetor gaskets, vacuum brakes or the vacuum modulator. nginx Jun 18, 2012 · Bottom line (and painfully simple); These motors can't take too much of a cam, or anything for that matter, without needing some very expensive conversions. 6 rocker arm kit P/N 12367346 require the valve guides to be machined for proper valve guide-to-retainer clearance when using the stock 350/290 heads. The problem with this is that all you have to show for five big ones is a marginal set of stock heads. 11s "Ten six niner! Ten six niner!, We've got whores in the city, we need back up now! Aug 25, 2013 · Budget 350 Small Block Build BIG BLOCK CHEVY HEADS BEST AND WORST - Duration: Small Block Chevy 350-Thumpr Cam - Duration: 2:39. This cam from gmpp Definitely is a good upgrade for a vortec 350 owner, its a steel cam with a hardened distributor drive gear, It has slightly longer duration and some more lift compared to factory specs. Our Oct 01, 2001 · The stock V-6 pumps out only 180 hp at that rpm and the only true difference in engine configuration is the cam. Does anyone have a setup close to this?What Chevy casting numbers for blocks and heads for small block V8 engines by Mortec. 3 L Vortec offering, the L33, marketed as the high output version, was reaching 310 horsepower and 335 lb-ft of torque. Jan 31, 2017 · Run with the stock flat-tappet cam, the 350 truck engine produced just 277 hp at 4,500 rpm and 352 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm. Check out Comp Cams Chevy Small Block Cams Tested - Cam Wars It generated more than 350 hp from 4,500 to 6,500 rpm. Jul 12, 2016 · When it comes to making cheap and easy power with almost any V-8, it’s hard to beat a camshaft swap. In something big like my chevelle it would be a mid 14 second engine, but in an RX7 it could haul ass. It is a pretty conservative cam for a 350 vortec, like others have mentioned you can build more power with a more aggressive cam, but I can attest to the fact that they idle nice and are very well behaved. It goes in a custom 1967 C-10 Chevy pick up with all street equipment so we must be careful with the choice. I have looked at the Comp Thumpr, Lunaiti Bracket Master II, Voodoo, and some others but i cant make up my mind. Nov 02, 2010 · Im shooting for 350hp from a 355ci, bowl blended and gasket matched vortec heads, aluminum Z-28 style high rise dual plane intake, 9. 479" lift, 115* LSA, 116* ICL, running a ported stock intake manifold, 70mm throttle body, LT1 B-car exhaust manifolds into the factor dual 2. In other words, a camshaft is a shaft attached to the overhead cams which controls the opening and closing of the cylinder valves. Vacuum Rule The Stock Vacuum series was designed to meet the stock vacuum requirements of your sanctioning body. You will find people that claim to have the stock heads with more lift but one of three things exists with a claim of a stock head running with greater than . 524 Lift Not Yet Reviewed Part Number: SUM-8701-2-BHV More Detail The Chevy 350 has a hydraulic camshaft and hydraulic lifters. Like I said earlier, standard big block parts won’t fit on the Vortec 8100, so the performance parts available for it are close to none. This setup will certainly generate the highest horsepower when coupled with our  27 Feb 2007 I am in the process of installing a 350 engine (#14010207) into my 1983 c30 3+3 dually. Oh there is an AFR head that is designed for L31 Vortec 350 use that even has it emisions exemption they are 190cc. The base price is $999, and we opted to pay an additional $350 for forged Speed Pro flat-top pistons to be added to the stock crank and rods. These run about 9:1 stock compression a Valve springs are also VERY important due to the stock ones having a redline of 4500 rpm. Level 2 SUM-8701 Stage 2 LS Vortec Truck Swap Cam Kit, Beehive Springs, Front/Valve Cover Gaskets, Damper bolt, Seals: 218/227 112+2, . Cam, stage 2chip and exhaust mods are going to net you a good 50-60hp on that pathetic stock 180hp 350 TBI motor. Original equipment on so many Gen I High Performance 302, 327 and LT1 350 engines from the 60’s and early 70's. 31 Jan 2017 For stock power production, the hot ticket is the L31, Vortec-headed 350 offered from 1996-'02 in truck, van, and SUV applications. " Using heads, a camshaft and intake system designed for optimum power in the 3,500 to 7,500 RPM range will not be very easy to drive on the street, but a well thought out 350 CI combination designed to produce power from 2,000 to 6,000 RPM can make 400 reliable horsepower. For more low-RPM torque and no need to re-program, call Comp and order a 56-000-8, 3310 / 3311 - 110 +4. Do not under any circumstance just swap to a smaller chamber without know exactly what your valve to piston clearance is. 75 to 1 Aug 20, 2020 · and possibly a slightly more radical camshaft combined with the new vortec cylinder heads. Known as the GEN 1+, the final incarnation of the 1954 era-vintage small block ended production in 2005 with the last vehicle being a Kodiak/Topkick HD truck. BIGGEST CAM FOR USE W/ STOCK CONVERTER; General Stage 3 Camshaft Specifications: Marine Master Engine Rebuild Kit Indmar 5. 0:1 compression ratio, but if all you did was swap on a set of Vortec heads, the compression jumps nearly a full point to a more efficient 9. If lifters and timing chain set are needed, see link below: The Vortec HD version 350 uses a 4-Bolt main block, upgraded exhaust valves and cylinder heads for heavy duty applications. 5 Camshaft:Comp Cams XFI 280 hydraulic roller, Comp Cams Magnum hydraulic rollers Cam specs: Operating Range: 2000-6000 RPM Duration Advertised: 280° Intake / 288° Exhaust Duration @ . The exhaust gasket is a direct fit for the Bowtie Vortec heads where the larger ports make a difference. His only request, "I want it to have some cam sound and some pep" My plan is basically a stock 350 rebuild, dish pistons, GM Iron Vortec heads, and i was wondering,what was the maximum lift cam you can use on a sock set of valve springs. If I were in your place, I'd use the Comp Cams beehive springs, pn 26918, and then go with either a Crane marine cam, p/n 109811, or else the GM cam 14097395. The comp cams 268h has like 454 inches of lift on both intake and exhaust at 268* of duration so it is not a monster cam but has a "noticeable idle" and you can use all stock components like torque converter etc. Introduced in January 1995, it is a "clean sheet" design with only rod bearings, lifters, and bore spacing in common with the longstanding Chevrolet small block V8 that preceded it as the basis for GM small-block V8s. 050'' Lift: 230° Intake / 236° Exhaust Oct 27, 2010 · The most gain is in the heads, heads, heads. Can I still run pump gas with this setup or will my compression be way too high(its a daily driver)?Do I have to get dished pistons?What about bigger gaskets?Anybody have this setup?How did it run?THanx for any comment: oem #3896962, 350hp, l-82, 350 mc1991 hyd 3 224 224 290 290 . 2L Vortec is rated at 325-350hp at the crank (depending on intake, carb or EFI, exhaust manifolds, etc). Jul 03, 2005 · I think it would be silly to put in "a cam as big as I can go, without having to change valve springs" in a basically stock 350 engine. what is the biggest cam for stock 350 vortec

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